Grammar Help

English Grammar 101: A fabulous site that takes students through fifteen modules, including parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, and even “troublesome words.” Each module covers multiple topics through lessons and self-checking exercises. Have your student spend 10-30 minutes each day working through each module, repeating each exercise until it is 100% correct. It’s like daily grammar vitamins! The site offers free access to the explanation part of each lesson, but now a paid membership is required in order to access the exercises and tests. A single membership is $25/6 months, which is a great value for this outstanding resource!


Center for Lit: I use Adam and Missy Andrews’ method for analyzing stories in my Level 1 and 2 classes. The website is a treasure trove of literature resources.

Writing Help

Tips for Formal Writing: The author, Dr. James A. Bednar, is a computer programmer who is concerned with the details of formal writing. It could be stuffy, but it is not! Here is a sample of some of Dr. Bednar’s commentary: “I think all right-thinking people should be offended whenever a serial comma is omitted.”

Numbers in Academic Writing: This webpage is a printable pdf that details the rules for writing numbers in academic writing.