I first learned the IEW method in 2001! I began my training with the teacher training videos and workbook, Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. In those early days, the only additional resources were a few videos for elementary, middle, and high school students. Parents were encouraged to learn the IEW method using the videos and then implement it, drawing upon the students’ school subjects and books as sources for their IEW assignments.

So I did it! It was daunting, but I was so enthusiastic about the IEW method and the results it produced for my middle school children that I persisted.

At some point, IEW began to produce many different ready-made resources, which made the process of implementing it much easier for parents who wanted to teach it at home. But at that point, I was already teaching IEW classes and had an extensive collection of lessons, handouts, and assignments, which I continued to add to. Eventually I started producing my own handbooks from my handouts, and those have continued to expand and evolve. My Level 3 handbook actually has 290 pages.

It is wonderful that newly IEW-trained parents and teachers can start teaching the method without the grueling process of creating assignments and sources. If I was just starting out, I’m sure I would take advantage of those, too!

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