Registration for the next year’s writing classes generally opens at the beginning of February. It continues until July 31st.

PREP-1 is different, in that students can be enrolled up through the first class of 2nd semester.

At any time before February, if you would like to be put on the email list for the coming school year’s Registration materials, please contact me through the Contact tab. As soon as the Registration materials are ready, I will send them to all current families and anyone on the email list.

Once a particular class is full, registration for that class closes. I have occasionally had specific classes filled by the end of April, so if you know you want to register for a specific class, it is best to do it as soon as registration opens. I do not hold spots in classes without a registration form/fee for the student.

My Early Registration period goes through May 31st. There is a $35 discount for registering by May 31st.

Non-discounted registration continues from June 1st through July 31st.

Category: Registration and Fees

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