All students need help and external motivation. This is true even of adult students, and more so with immature young people who would rather be “building forts” instead of writing, as Andrew Pudewa says. 🙂

I expect Editors to help and motivate to the extent necessary so that the homework is completed and submitted according to directions and on time. I do not give partial credit for partially completed work.

The Editor’s most important job is to stay informed about what the student is supposed to be working on each day of the assignment period and to ensure the student stays on track. This includes the Editor reviewing paragraphs as instructed on the assignment sheet and ensuring that the student has work ready to turn in on class day.

I am available from 9 AM – 3 PM on school days to answer questions, clarify instructions, and help the Editor to help the student when necessary. I also provide thorough grading of each assignment in time for corrections to be made to the current assignment that the student is working on. My goal is that all students will be able to understand and implement all of the structure and style skills in each assignment, and I bend over backwards to help students and Editors who are working hard to complete the assignments.

After three assignments, if a student is not submitting work correctly and on time, and is continuing to make the same errors in spite of my corrections, I will assume the student is not ready for the attention to detail needed for that level and I will move him or her to the level below.

Very rarely do I have a situation where a student is just incapable of doing the work. The problems usually occur as a result of not being supervised and helped to the extent necessary.

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