In Writing to Learn classes, the student is instructed on the assignment sheet to take work to the Editor for review at regular intervals. The Parent Editor commits to:

  • Checking emails regularly. This is how I communicate with parents and students about issues on homework, notifications to check grades, assignment corrections and clarifications, and many other issues.
  • Reading the pages assigned in the handbook so they know what their students are working on. Parents can’t help if they don’t know what we’re doing.
  • Keeping the student on track with the 9-day writing schedule. Procrastination is a death sentence for writing success.
  • Working with the student to the extent necessary to complete the assignments.
  • Reviewing and helping the student correct missing or incorrect items on the current assignment.
  • Assuring that the completed homework is turned in on class day.
  • Reviewing grades and comments on returned assignments so they can know what the student needs to correct on the next assignment.
Category: The Role of Editor

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