No, I do not give refunds. Years ago I realized that some parents registered their students to hold a place while they decided on their school plan for the year. I was sometimes left without any compensation for unused materials and unfilled spots that could have been filled with other students. The “no refund” policy encourages parents to register only when they are sure they want to participate in my classes.

Understandably, sometimes situations change and parents have to make a different plan for school before classes begin or even after they start. My 3-installment payment schedule was created to address this reality.

Payments are made at registration, at the Parents’ Meeting when receiving materials, and at the first October class. If a student drops the class before the 2nd or 3rd payment, the parent has not lost all the money and I have been compensated for the time, work, and materials already spent on the student.

Category: Registration and Fees

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