Writing is not only an academic subject but also an art similar to music. I determine my class prices by local prices for music lessons, taking into account the amount of time I spend in class and outside of class, evaluating homework papers, creating materials, and communicating with and helping parents and students.

For examples of the cost of music lessons in Augusta, please visit Turner’s KeyboardsPortman’s Music Academy, and The Musical Express. Private music lessons in the Augusta area are approximately $25-$31/half hour.

Teaching writing is very teacher-intensive. I spend an average of 1/2 hour on each individual student’s homework after each class, evaluating (grading) the work turned in. I carefully evaluate homework papers and communicate my assessments with students and parents through Thinkwave so that students can improve. The time I spend on individual grading is roughly equivalent to the time a piano teacher spends teaching a private lesson.

In addition to grading time, each graded assignment is preceded by a 1.5 hour class session. Without including the individual time spent on each student’s work, my classes have a unit cost of $9.91/half hour (or $9.13/half hour with the discount).

One of my favorite quotes from Andrew Pudewa is, “Parents pay me to grade. I teach the classes for free.” 🙂

Furthermore, unlike music lessons, which always require students to purchase music throughout the year in addition to the cost of lessons, I provide my students with all the materials they need for class. All students, both local and online, receive a physical copy of my custom textbook created specifically for each class, as a part of the total cost.

Besides the grading, materials, and class sessions, which are held live for both local and online students, my students also benefit from other hours I spend outside of class. I write my own curriculum, as well as create new materials (see here and here) throughout the year as I see the need. When extra guidance is needed for assignments, I am available during the school week to answer questions, give direction, problem solve, or clarify instructions.

In summary, my prices compare favorably with the cost of music lessons.

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