What happens if my student doesn’t turn in or correctly complete homework assignments?

All students need help and external motivation. This is true even of adult students, and more so with immature young people who would rather be "building forts" instead of writing, as Andrew Pudewa says. ūüôā I expect Editors to help and motivate to the extent necessary so that the homework is completed and submitted according … Continue reading What happens if my student doesn’t turn in or correctly complete homework assignments?

Will my student receive grade reports?

Grades are posted on Thinkwave for each assignment. As each grade is added, Thinkwave calculates and displays a cumulative grade for the semester. I send PDF "report cards" at the end of each semester through Thinkwave to the parent's email address.

How long does the homework take?

You should plan for your student to spend 30-60 minutes daily on the homework. The 9-day homework schedule only includes week days, not weekends.

Do you grade the homework?

Yes. I¬†consider grading¬†very¬†important. The student will not progress without guidance for improvement. I give specific comments for improvement on each homework assignment, and I expect the student to incorporate these in the next assignment.¬† Each assignment is accompanied by a checklist that details the required elements and the point value for each. The grade is … Continue reading Do you grade the homework?

Do you assign homework?

Yes. Each class is followed by a daily homework assignment, which the student completes over the two-week writing period. The assignment includes the skills learned in that class, as well as all previously learned skills. A 9-day "to-do" list tells the student exactly what to do each day. The 9-day schedule begins the day after … Continue reading Do you assign homework?