How many students do you accept per class?

For online classes, the maximum number of students per class is 14, which is the most students I can manage well on the Zoom screen. For local classes, the maximum number is 16; that is all I have room for in my classroom. Generally the classes are smaller than the maximum number.

Do you offer summer classes?

No, I do not offer classes in the summer. I spend the summer reviewing, revising, and recharging for the new school year, so I can be ready and refreshed when classes start!

Do you offer private tutoring?

I do not offer individual tutoring. I love the group interaction of the classroom and I am at my best there! Writing is one subject that is taught most effectively in a lively group setting.

When do you have breaks?

We have a week break for Thanksgiving week, a 5-week break at the end of 1st Semester (Dec. into Jan.), and a Spring Break week during the first full week of April.

When do your classes start and end?

Classes start the day after Labor Day and end approximately the last week of April/first week of May, depending on how the calendar falls each year.