From September, 2014: My daughter is attending her 2nd year with Mrs. Kimbrell and I could not be happier. She does an excellent job walking students through writing skills with a method that is both manageable and not overwhelming. My daughter hated writing in the past but she actually enjoys this writing class and we were both very proud of her finished assignments. I love that Mrs. Kimbrell is organized and that she has a well thought out plan of action for the entire year. She has a high expectations for both the students class room behavior and at home assignments, but her parameters make it a rich environment for learning. She is strict and encouraging. I no longer struggle over papers with my daughter. This method has removed the drama from our relationship and has saved it for the paper itself.

From April, 2017: Yesterday marks Grace Anne’s last writing class with Jennifer Kimbrell. After four years, counting Georgia History, under Jennifer’s tutelage Grace Anne has become a confident writer and is developing continuously. She pens without hesitation or stress. Jennifer has given her the keys to organize her own thoughts, make outlines, discipline her schedule, edit papers, format correctly, fill papers with an array of adjectives and adverbs, all while making it easy and developing her program into bite size pieces. Jennifer is a former homeschool educator and has continued into the development of young minds with the skills the Lord has given her. I am so thankful for her and this calling on her life. Her program may seem a bit pricey at first, but it is worth every penny. It may look somewhat overwhelming, but she has developed this program in such a way that you are only processing one skill at a time over an extended period of time. The best part is reading papers from my not so chatty daughter that reveal her heart concerning the beach, vacations, theology, and current events. So thankful for you!