Our family has used IEW since kindergarten and could not be more pleased with its technique and application. Mrs. Kimbrell’s classes are a wonderful “next step” for students to prepare for high school and beyond. Our son was fully prepared for Honors English as a freshman at a prestigious college preparatory school. Mrs. Kimbrell’s passion for writing and success are what set this course apart from others. We are grateful for her teaching, guidance, and high expectations for our sons. 

(Level 1, 2020-2021 and Level 2, 2021-2022)

Ashley Hamilton

Mrs. Kimbrell’s writing class is exceptional! She demands a great deal of her students, but gives explicit instructions and excellent “in class” explanations. While we have used IEW as a writing curriculum in our home, face to face instruction with Mrs. Kimbrell is truly invaluable! She came highly recommended, and I could not agree more!

Virginia Johnson

I have one child in his 2nd year of instruction and one in her 1st year of instruction under Mrs. Kimbrell. Both are reluctant writers. I love the organization of the class. The handbook assignments are clearly listed by day. This has greatly relieved the stress of procrastination because there is no question as to what needs to be accomplished each day. I also love the improvement I have seen in my son’s writing in all subjects after completing Level 1.

Kelly Dietz

My son is taking level 2 with Jennifer this year. He is learning critical thinking, techniques on how to narrow down the topic/idea of a written piece. He is also learning how to meet deadlines as well. He completed level 1 with Jennifer in 2014 and had a great experience, improved his writing and overall became a better student. He consistently completes short answer questions thoroughly, as well as writes great lab reports, due to his experience with Jennifer. She can help any child become a better writer.

Terri Powell

From September, 2014: My daughter is attending her 2nd year with Mrs. Kimbrell and I could not be happier. She does an excellent job walking students through writing skills with a method that is both manageable and not overwhelming. My daughter hated writing in the past but she actually enjoys this writing class and we were both very proud of her finished assignments. I love that Mrs. Kimbrell is organized and that she has a well thought out plan of action for the entire year. She has a high expectations for both the students class room behavior and at home assignments, but her parameters make it a rich environment for learning. She is strict and encouraging. I no longer struggle over papers with my daughter. This method has removed the drama from our relationship and has saved it for the paper itself.

From April, 2017: Yesterday marks Grace Anne’s last writing class with Jennifer Kimbrell. After four years, counting Georgia History, under Jennifer’s tutelage Grace Anne has become a confident writer and is developing continuously. She pens without hesitation or stress. Jennifer has given her the keys to organize her own thoughts, make outlines, discipline her schedule, edit papers, format correctly, fill papers with an array of adjectives and adverbs, all while making it easy and developing her program into bite size pieces. Jennifer is a former homeschool educator and has continued into the development of young minds with the skills the Lord has given her. I am so thankful for her and this calling on her life. Her program may seem a bit pricey at first, but it is worth every penny. It may look somewhat overwhelming, but she has developed this program in such a way that you are only processing one skill at a time over an extended period of time. The best part is reading papers from my not so chatty daughter that reveal her heart concerning the beach, vacations, theology, and current events. So thankful for you!

Sandi Colston

As a homeschool parent of five, I greatly appreciate the opportunity for my children to learn writing from someone who is passionate about the subject. Jennifer Kimbrell is a wonderful and extremely enthusiastic instructor, who sets clear, concise, and concrete objectives for her students to meet. If they do so, they will succeed in this class.
Personally, I have never enjoyed the art of composition and always considered it a necessary evil throughout my high school and college years. Since my oldest daughter and son have begun this course, I now have a deeper appreciation of the written form of communication. As editor of my children’s papers, I must admit that I now have the tools to equip me in any future writing endeavors. I know that my children, who have much sharper and more youthful minds, are gaining an even greater skill level than I. Writing to Learn has proven to be a win-win venture for this family!

Terri Finch

IEW is an incredible class that allows a student the opportunity to write well without having to be a lover of composition. The skills taught can be used for so many different types/styles of assignments. My 9th grade daughter took 2 previous years of IEW in preparation for Miss Kimbrell, who is an inspiring, motivating, strong instructor that expects and accepts only the best. So excited for this opportunity, as a homeschooling mom.

Caroline Wells

My son is attending his 2nd year in Jennifer’s writing class and absolutely loves it! I am very happy with the results I am seeing, and the improvement of my son’s ability to effectively think and communicate with the written word. I appreciate that she has high standards set for her students and won’t accept anything but the best. My son is thriving and progressing using the IEW method in conjunction with Mrs. Kimbrell’s flawless and effective teaching style.

Leah Smith

Enthusiasm for writing and inspiring students to write well, seem to be at the top of the list on Mrs. Kimbrell’s agenda for her classes. My 14 year old son is currently taking her Level 2 class and it is proving to be both beneficial and challenging to his writing brain. He really enjoys the class environment and as a mom, I’m especially enjoying the content of the source materials! Mrs. Kimbrell is a very thorough communicator and organized with a delight in sharing the IEW method, which spurs on her students to appreciate it too.

Shannon Williams

IEW is one of the best tools that we have used through our homeschool experience. Mrs. Kimbrell’s high level of expectation paired with clear instructions and enthusiasm for writing made the perfect combination to encourage my son to gain the skills for great writing! The skills that he learned through IEW have been used in every aspect of his high school career. By far, Mrs. Kimbrell’s class has been one of the greatest investments of our time!

Michelle Wiley