Registration and Fees

My Level 1 classes are for 7th grade and up, Level 2 for 8th grade and up, and Level 3 for 9th grade and up. I do not make exceptions to this policy.

PREP-1, my language development class, is for 6th grade and up.

Registration for the next year’s writing classes generally opens at the beginning of February. It continues until July 31st.

PREP-1 is different, in that students can be enrolled up through the first class of 2nd semester.

At any time before February, if you would like to be put on the email list for the coming school year’s Registration materials, please contact me through the Contact tab. As soon as the Registration materials are ready, I will send them to all current families and anyone on the email list.

Once a particular class is full, registration for that class closes. I have occasionally had specific classes filled by the end of April, so if you know you want to register for a specific class, it is best to do it as soon as registration opens. I do not hold spots in classes without a registration form/fee for the student.

My Early Registration period goes through May 31st. There is a $35 discount for registering by May 31st.

Non-discounted registration continues from June 1st through July 31st.

Please see my Pricing page for the cost of classes and the payment schedule.

Writing is not only an academic subject but also an art similar to music. I determine my class prices by local prices for music lessons, taking into account the amount of time I spend in class and outside of class, evaluating homework papers, creating materials, and communicating with and helping parents and students.

For examples of the cost of music lessons in Augusta, please visit Turner’s KeyboardsPortman’s Music Academy, and The Musical Express. Private music lessons in the Augusta area are approximately $25-$31/half hour.

Teaching writing is very teacher-intensive. I spend an average of 1/2 hour on each individual student’s homework after each class, evaluating (grading) the work turned in. I carefully evaluate homework papers and communicate my assessments with students and parents through Thinkwave so that students can improve. The time I spend on individual grading is roughly equivalent to the time a piano teacher spends teaching a private lesson.

In addition to grading time, each graded assignment is preceded by a 1.5 hour class session. Without including the individual time spent on each student’s work, my classes have a unit cost of $9.91/half hour (or $9.13/half hour with the discount).

One of my favorite quotes from Andrew Pudewa is, “Parents pay me to grade. I teach the classes for free.” 🙂

Furthermore, unlike music lessons, which always require students to purchase music throughout the year in addition to the cost of lessons, I provide my students with all the materials they need for class. All students, both local and online, receive a physical copy of my custom textbook created specifically for each class, as a part of the total cost.

Besides the grading, materials, and class sessions, which are held live for both local and online students, my students also benefit from other hours I spend outside of class. I write my own curriculum, as well as create new materials (see here and here) throughout the year as I see the need. When extra guidance is needed for assignments, I am available during the school week to answer questions, give direction, problem solve, or clarify instructions.

In summary, my prices compare favorably with the cost of music lessons.

As a thank you for people completing their registration before the start of the busy summer months, I offer an Early Bird discount for students who are registered, with a paid registration fee and completed registration form, by May 31st. No other discounts are offered.

No. Only students for whom I have received the registration fee and form are guaranteed a place in the class, for two reasons:

  • In the past I have turned students away because I was holding a spot for a student who ultimately did not register, leaving me with an unfilled spot that could have been filled.
  • Most importantly, though, registration is a significant indication of parental commitment. I want students whose parents are convinced of the value of the class. The commitment of my writing parents is crucial to the progress of their students.

I want all parents who join my classes to be confident in their decision, so I never use “sales techniques” to encourage someone to register. However, if you are thinking of registering but have questions, I will happily discuss your questions to give you the information you need. I will also put you in contact with one of my Veteran Writing Parents who can answer your questions from a parent’s perspective.

No, I do not give refunds. Years ago I realized that some parents registered their students to hold a place while they decided on their school plan for the year. I was sometimes left without any compensation for unused materials and unfilled spots that could have been filled with other students. The “no refund” policy encourages parents to register only when they are sure they want to participate in my classes.

Understandably, sometimes situations change and parents have to make a different plan for school before classes begin or even after they start. My 3-installment payment schedule was created to address this reality.

Payments are made at registration, at the Parents’ Meeting when receiving materials, and at the first October class. If a student drops the class before the 2nd or 3rd payment, the parent has not lost all the money and I have been compensated for the time, work, and materials already spent on the student.

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