Please check out my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab for answers to a number of common questions about my classes.

If you have other questions or would like to discuss a particular issue for clarification, please contact me through the form below. I love to talk about IEW and will be happy to discuss my classes and answer your questions until you have the information you need!

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Privacy Policy:
I want parents to be sure before registering that my classes are a good fit for their family so that their students can progress in their writing abilities. Because I truly believe that homeschool parents know best what their students need, I respect those who contact me by not pestering them with unwanted communication or “sales techniques” to persuade them to register for classes. I don’t send advertising or reminders to those who contact me, nor put their names on any email lists. I respond to inquiries simply to give parents the information they need to decide if my classes will be beneficial to their family’s education goals.