Level 1: Mastering Structure and Style (Basic IEW Composition)

In Level 1, students learn foundational structures for non-fiction and fiction writing, beginning with IEW’s Key Word Outlining technique. The 1st semester non-fiction writing section begins with paragraphs and concludes with research reports on individual subjects chosen by students and parents. The 2nd semester fiction section, based on understanding and analyzing story structure, progresses from 3-paragraph stories to book reviews and creative writing.

While becoming skilled in these different writing structures, students also learn and practice writing style techniques. As each technique is introduced, it is added to their growing repertoire. By repetition in each writing assignment, these techniques are internalized and become natural, creating variety and clarity in writing. (7th-12th, meets every other week)

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Level 1 students learn to follow directions and to pay strict attention to detail, which will help them in all areas of life. (7th-12th, meets every other week)