PREP-1* For students in grades 6-12. Previous IEW experience not required.

LEVEL 1* For students in grades 7-12. Previous IEW experience not required.

LEVEL 2* For my Level 1 graduates and some Rising 11th/12th graders from other classes:

  • Students in grades 8-12 who successfully complete my Level 1 class are eligible for Level 2.
  • Rising 11th and 12th grade students with extensive and successful IEW experience from a different instructor may be evaluated by me for Level 2. Level 2 evaluation is not appropriate for students who struggle with language arts or IEW, or who have a history of failing to thoroughly complete assignments; these students should be enrolled in Level 1 so they can learn the method and discipline of Level 1 before attempting Level 2.
  • I no longer evaluate rising 8th, 9th, or 10th grade students from other instructors for Level 2. These students are eligible for Level 1.

LEVEL 3* Only students in grades 9-12 who successfully complete my Level 2 class are eligible for Level 3. I no longer evaluate students for Level 3 who have not completed my Level 2 class.

No exceptions are made for grade level requirements or previous experience, regardless of the amount of IEW a student has completed.

*ONLINE Students in any of the above classes are required to have the following:

  1. A computer equipped with functioning video and audio (Logitech makes some fairly inexpensive and reliable products). Cell phones and tablets are not sufficient in size to be able to see the whole class and documents that I share onscreen; the student must participate by computer.
  2. A reliable internet connection that supports the Zoom application;
  3. A quiet place to participate in class, preferably a room with a door that closes, to limit background noise; such noise is greatly amplified over the computer and it interferes with other participants being able to hear.