I opened my emails yesterday to find the latest edition of Magnum Opus, IEW’s newsletter of student writing! The newsletter features one of the nine units of IEW structure each month, and the March edition is devoted to Unit 7 “Writing from the Brain” essays, or, as they now call it, “Inventive Writing.” These are essays that the students write from their own ideas, without using research. Scanning the featured writing, I was thrilled to find one by my Level 3 student from a couple of years ago, Meghan Barnett!

In her Level 3 Definition essay assignment, Meghan chose to define the word “writer.” A definition essay is not just a straight dictionary definition of a word. Rather, it seeks to share the writer’s personal understanding of a type of person, a particular place, a concrete object, a favorite activity, or an abstract concept. A dedicated and earnest writer, Meghan gives her readers encouragement that they, too, can be writers if they are motivated and willing to work on it!

Click here to read Meghan’s essay, and then scroll down to the 6th featured article, “What the World Needs.”

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