I’m really enjoying the PREP-1 class! The purpose of PREP-1 is to build the foundation of language in preparation for future writing. I am passionate about the value of language, and the most enjoyable way to access high quality language is through great literature and poetry. I think this will prove to be one of my favorite classes ever.

I forgot to start the recording at the beginning of the class, so this video does not include the first part, when the students gave their oral reports from one of the key word outlines they did during the assignment period. But I remembered to record the poetry and literature part, which is my favorite part.

It’s not too late to join the PREP-1 class! Unlike my writing classes, PREP-1 students work on the poetry and literature at their own pace, and start at the beginning with the key word outlining. So students can join at any time.

Read about the PREP-1 class, and then contact me if you would like to discuss PREP-1 for your student.

Enjoy this video from PREP-1 Class #2!

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