Last night I held my local Writing Parents’ Meeting for parents of local registered students! The Online Writing Parents’ Meeting is this Thursday evening on Zoom.

The meetings always fire up my enthusiasm for the start of classes the following week! Many of my writing families are long-term friends, because I have the pleasure of teaching multiple siblings over time. It is always fun to see Veteran Writing Parents and find out how the older ones are faring in high school, college, and career. I also enjoy meeting the new parents!

I took these pictures right before the meeting started. Thanks to my church, Christ Church, Presbyterian in Evans, Georgia, for allowing me to use the fellowship hall for the meeting. Also, thanks to Sarah and Joshua Letko for staying after and helping me pack up everything! If I had been in my right mind I would have taken a picture of them, too. 😀

My daughter designed my logo and this great banner!
All of the handbooks for the various classes and the Award Certificates that students receive at the end of the year!
I have seasonal posters that I display outside my door on writing class days. 🙂 This one for parents reminds them of two guiding principles of my classes: “Do Hard Things” and “10,000 Hours.”

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