One of my main tasks this summer was to complete my biennial reaccreditation with IEW. The process includes submitting:

  • A summary of six hours of IEW audio lectures;
  • My lesson plans for each of my courses;
  • Letters of recommendation from a parent and a student;
  • Two papers, one written at the beginning and another at the end of the year, from one student from each of my three class levels.

I just received my Reaccreditation letter this week! It means so much for me to have my work reviewed and approved by IEW. 🙂

May 2021 was a special anniversary for me. I first encountered IEW twenty years ago in early May 2001, when I popped my first Structure and Style video tape into the VCR. Immediately I was gripped with a passion to teach the method to my children, and I have never lost my fervor. I received my first accreditation in 2009, the first year that IEW offered accreditation, and remain committed to training young people to write using the IEW method.

I continue to receive positive reports of the writing accomplishments of many of my students who have dual enrolled or graduated and moved on to college or career. Constantly my passion to teach IEW is renewed by the outstanding results I witness and the difference it makes in the lives of my students. Plying their powerful pens, many of them are already affecting our world in positive ways. 

I sincerely thank Mr. Pudewa and the whole IEW team for making my work possible!

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