If you are new to my website, Writing to Learn, you may not know that I have a page devoted to story charts for literary analysis! These are free to download and I am constantly adding new ones. 

I use the Center for Lit method of literary analysis in my writing classes, and I started making the story charts for some of the literature assignments for my classes. But I absolutely love literature so now the charts have become a hobby as well. 😀

There are a wide range of literature choices on the page, including some short stories with the complete texts. If you are planning summer reading, consider some of these selections.

I have also created a page that explains the parts of the story charts.

Literary analysis is so much fun! Give it a try!

(By the way, the charts are plot spoilers. Read the story/book first, then study the charts. A good one to start with is “The Story of Joseph,” since that is a generally well-known story that doesn’t take long to read. The full text is included with the story chart.)

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