Alice in Wonderland is the second most frequently downloaded of my story charts! This testifies to the book’s enduring popularity.

Lewis Carroll was the pen name of British author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Fortunately, he had practiced writing stories and poems all his life. Alice sprang from his prepared imagination, but curiously, she possessed a life of her own. His beloved heroine first emerged in 1862 as an impromptu tale spun on a picnic outing. As he remarked later,

…in a desperate attempt to strike out some new line of fairy-lore, I had sent my heroine straight down a rabbit-hole, to begin with, without the least idea what was to happen afterwards.

One of the children at the picnic was Alice Liddell. At her request, he later wrote the story out for her. Soon after, author and friend George Macdonald read it and encouraged him to publish it. He did so in 1865. It steadily grew in popularity. By the time of Dodgson’s death 33 years later, it was the most popular children’s book in England.

All great literature includes the elements of Characters, Setting, Conflict, Plot, and Theme. This story chart analyzes each in Lewis Carroll’s enduringly popular Alice in Wonderland.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t look at the chart until you have read the book! Then click on the book title below to go to my updated story chart!

Alice in Wonderland Story Chart

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