UPDATE: As of today, in the interest of public health and peace of mind, all local classes will meet on Zoom instead of in my home. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this service to my writing families!

Here in Augusta, Georgia and the surrounding Central Savannah River Area, there has not been a single case of coronavirus yet, but our local medical university is prepared and waiting.

I’ve read a great deal of accurate information about the virus, and I’m not panicking. At the same time, it seems prudent to plan ahead for my local classes in case things become more serious around here. Fortunately, I am uniquely prepared to be able to continue classes regardless of what happens, since, in addition to my local classes, I have also conducted online classes for several years using the Zoom meeting app.

Local families have been instructed about how to install the free Zoom app in case we reach the point locally where staying home becomes necessary. If and when that time comes, we will continue to meet at our regular times using Zoom. Unlike many online classes, students participating through Zoom can see and hear each other and me! The online classes are every bit as social as the ones that meet in my classroom. 🙂

I hope the coronavirus doesn’t become severe here, but if it does, we will be able to Keep Calm and Carry On. 🙂

For a peek at a Level 1 online class held via Zoom, click here.

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