By writing quickly we are not brought to write well,
but by writing well we are brought to write quickly.

Quintilian, Institutio Oratoria, AD 95

After our five week break, all classes are back to work!

Level 1 transitioned from fall semester’s focus on non-fiction writing to story writing, which is preparing them for understanding story structure. The stories will be followed by two literary analysis papers. Level 1 winds up with everyone’s favorite assignment, “Writing from Pictures.” It’s a creative, enjoyable way to end the year!

Level 2 started Semester 2 with the “Writing from the Brain” essay, a paper written on a subject of their choosing. The tricky part was that no outside sources could be used. 🙂 Now they are working on the first of their literature papers. Next, they will learn the secret to writing a winning personal essay, which is sometimes required for college admission, scholarship applications, and student internships. Finally, we will transition to ACT and SAT essay practice, focusing on useful strategies for the two very different exams. It is always exciting for me to see the students able to apply their cumulative writing skills in an impromptu assignment.

Level 3 continues to work through the ten different essay models traditionally taught in college freshman writing. They will soon begin to focus more intently on the Super Essay, which they have been working on throughout the year. When the year ends, they each will have created an impressive research project which showcases their significant body of writing skills.

Second semester is always inspiring for me, as I see the students transforming into competent and confident WRITERS.

Registration information for next school year will be coming soon!

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