I can live on a good compliment two weeks with nothing else to eat.
– Mark Twain, in a letter to Gertrude Natkin, 2 March 1906

I just received the email below from one of my writing parents, whose daughter took my Level 1 and Level 2. She’s waiting a year before doing Level 3, which is not unusual.

As a writing teacher, this is the outcome I live for, and usually I am not disappointed. 😀 IEW produces outstanding results when students do their work as instructed.

“Dear Jennifer, 
I wanted to reach out and tell you I have been thinking of you.  M______ has started a writing class and the teacher loves her writing and it is all because of you – SO – THANK YOU. 
We look forward to taking your writing 3 class next year. 
Have a wonderful year and may God bless you always, …”

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