We need to have a support beam put in under our second floor master bath before we can remodel it. The bathroom is directly above the school room, so we had to wait to have the work done during the summer.

The school room has been needing a makeover for a long time. It’s full of too much furniture, which I needed for curricula and supplies when I was homeschooling my own kids, but which are no longer necessary. Also, the walls are covered with that horrible fake ’70s paneling, which I tried to cover up by papering over them with thick, paintable wall paper. Now it’s twisting and peeling, a horrid look.

A great homeschool dad, Brandon Rogers, is doing the work! Demolition starts tomorrow. The books and furniture have been moved out and a bunch of stuff already dispensed with. I know from past home projects that when the room is finished, I’ll be inspired to streamline even further! I can hardly wait to start school in the new room this fall.

I’m going to update with photos as we progress!

Jonathan’s old bedroom, now my beautiful Tolkien room, is crammed full of books and writing class supplies. No visitors will be staying here for a couple of months!
My guys getting ready to do the hard part: removing the huge furniture.
Ready for the wrecking crew!
I couldn’t resist putting my NEW PODIUM in place in the school room! Before, I had a small cabinet here that took up too much room but STILL didn’t really give me a place to put my handbook while teaching. I can’t wait to use it this fall!
One thing that is going is this old “white board,” which is really a 8′ X 4′ piece of wall board, a tip I got from Andrew Pudewa. I hope to have a genuine white board with wood trim. 🙂 I will miss this one, though, because of the word list on the right. We used to add favorite words to this list, and one year my youngest son, Grant, erased them and rewrote all of them. I need to start the Word List again with the new white board.
Up close view of the Word List. Grant starred all the words that were his favorite. I remember him writing once, “Maybe I would have liked spankings more if my parents had called it ‘flogging.'” 😀 My child, a word lover. 🙂

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