The new year of writing classes seems to be whizzing by! My students know that, although I greatly enjoy reading their papers, grading is not my favorite activity. I repeat a line from Andrew Pudewa to explain the situation: “I teach for free. Your parents pay me to grade.” 🙂 Grading is so important, though, because without feedback, no one would ever improve.

Fortunately, I am spoiled, since the overwhelming majority of my students do exactly what I ask them to do. No doubt, this is usually due to their Parent Editors, who oversee the work at home and make sure the Daily To-Do Lists (assignment sheets) are completed according to schedule. Papers are so much easier to grade when students follow directions!

Now that several papers have been turned in for each class, students are starting to get in the groove, and although the writing is becoming more difficult, the grading is getting easier. And sometimes I find fun surprises, like this Key Word Outline in one of the Level 1 folders. See the little note at the top right corner of the page. 🙂

Dog ate my homework

Yes, the dog really did eat her homework, but she rewrote it. Am I a lucky teacher or what?!!!

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