How did this happen?!!

Over the years, I have realized that almost all homeschool parents have at least one academic albatross, the cause of aggravation and anxiety. For me, it was science. I must confess that, although my degree is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I’m not passionate about science. Nay, I thoroughly proved with my two oldest children that I truly had no interest in teaching it. I poured into them language arts, Bible, history, literature, and oddly, math, which I had previously hated but eventually came to admire. Both students participated in wonderful fine arts endeavors. But science went lacking.

I didn’t mean for it to happen, but science got the leftovers. Therefore, with my last child, I decided to do us both a favor, and signed him up for online high school science classes with the Potter’s School. Relieving my guilty conscience and anxiety, the decision was one of my finest as a homeschool mom.

Writing is the huge millstone for some parents. Perhaps they are as naturally uninspired about composition as I was about science. Others are afraid that they can’t teach it well. For still others, writing is diligently tackled in middle school, but shorted in high school due to the intensity of other academic and extracurricular endeavors. Suddenly, graduation and college loom.

Here’s hope!

The new one semester course is for high school upperclassmen or for students doing a “gap year” before going to college. In a more concentrated format, it will cover the non-fiction writing skills taught in my Levels 1 and 2 classes. A subsequent course covering blended Level 1 and 2 literature writing is planned for winter semester.

This class is appropriate for upper high school or post-high school students who either:

Have had little or no formal writing instruction
Have had formal writing instruction in the past but need to brush up on their skills.

 Course Prerequisites:

  1. Grade Level: Rising Junior or Senior or post-high school
  2. Skills: Students do NOT need to be proficient in composition, but should be able to follow directions, take notes in class, read at an average high school reading level, and write grammatically correct basic sentences.

Schedule and Fees:

  1. The class meets every other week, Thursday, 3:00-4:30 PM. Class dates are: September 7, September 21, October 5, October 19, November 2, November 16, December 7.
  2. Daily homework is assigned and will be turned in at each class.
  3. Cost is $200, with $100 paid at registration and $100 paid at the Parents’ Information Meeting at the end of August before class begins.

A Wednesday afternoon Skype class is also under consideration for students outside the Augusta area. If you are interested in taking this class online, please contact me.

For more information about this or other Writing to Learn classes, please contact me through the Contact form on this website.


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